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TMJ Disorder

A condition of the TMJ characterized by facial pain, restricted ability to open or move the jaw, popping or clicking noises, pain in the joint., and headaches; can be caused by malocclusion of the teeth

Question: TMJ Disorder? Its well know that TMJ disorder can cause pain in the neck, shoulder, and arm. But couldn't cause pain in the lower back and the legs along with the other symptoms ?

Answer: I have not heard of any instances of TMJ disorders cause pain down to your arm but I guess it is possible. Figure that your jaw can cause neck pain. We then hold our neck in positions to try to alleviate the pain which can then put our neck out of alignment. When our neck goes out of alignment this can cause our spine to adjust accordingly so that it corrects for a level line of vision. Your lower back spine will curve for this adjustment and can then cause pain in your hips and legs. Think of it like this. When you spine is straight nothing is getting "pinched" or compressed which causes the pain. I was never a believer in chiropractic care because of my fear of the adjustments. Earlier this year I had my first back trouble resulting in spasms. I went to see a chiropractor because the pain was unbearable. She took x-rays of my entire spine with view from front and side. You could see the curving of the spine in my lower back and neck. I went for adjustments a couple of times a week for a couple of weeks then down to 1 time per week for a couple of weeks until it was corrected. I haven't had to go back but now know that it may be something I will need to do again once the small pains start. If you are in pain, it may be something to check out. good luck


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