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Plastic Surgery

The branch of surgery dealing with the repair or enhancement of malformed, injured, or lost organs or tissues

Question: Plastic Surgery? I had the wierdest thought. I heard in Korea, something like 50% of hte girls get plastic surgery before age 18 because for girls, being successful is all about snagging the best guy you can get. (best meaning richest). And being hott is naturally the easiest way to snag men. So my question is: All these ugly/average girls are getting surgery to become better looking, but how do the doctors know what to do? Its not exactly easy to take an ugly person and list 1 or 2 things (like a nose lift or whatever) and have them suddenly become beautiful. I mean like, with your own face, if you could have painless surgery, its not like I would know what to change. Is there some common thing that everyone gets done? Its just totally puzzling me.

Answer: The patient usually brings in pictures to represent what he/she thinks is "ideal" for perceived beauty. Plus the doctors are taught to measure ones face in like thirds. If someone has disproportions than the doctor can make suggestions. By the way I think the breast are the most common to have augmented.


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