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Endoscopic Surgery

Minimal-incision surgery can be performed using tiny cameras and long instruments; typically results in a quicker recovery than surgeries performed with larger incisions

Question: What is the minimum age to get a Endoscopic Surgery? I had my Adenoids taken out when i was 11 and it made no difference to my nose, it is still blocked all the time and i cant smell out of it probably, my doctor recommended the Endoscopic Surgery but he said i needed to be around 16 years old. I am now 15 and 6 months, is that old enough? Does anyone truly how old u have to be? Thank you if you can help.

Answer: Is this of your nose/sinus area? Are they doing a 'look see' or surgery to modify the area in some way. If it is a 'look see' I don't recall there being an age limit on that. If it is for surgical modification to help with breathing, etc. then the age limit is most likely linked with growth issues. My friend's son needs to have his septum repaired from a bad ski breakage a few years back, but he was told to wait until at least 16 to have it done. Now he is playing rugby and we keep hoping that if it gets bonked again, they will at least knock it back the other way, lol!


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