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Band Surgery

What is band surgery?

Lap Band Surgery is a proven method of losing a large amount of body mass. Lap band surgery involves inserting a gastric band that will reduce the size of the stomach causing recipients of the surgery to ingest smaller amounts of the proper foods in the proper consistency. The gastric band is placed around the upper portion of patientís stomach which divides it in two sections. The silicon band is a hollow ring, which will be filled with saline to increase or decrease the opening. During the weight loss period following the surgery, patients will lose weight in a healthy and practical way. This allows the patient to not only lose the weight, but learn how to eat the proper foods in the proper portions. This method of weight loss is a proven method of maintaining permanent weight loss. It is one of most effective and reliable surgeries to help an obese person lose weight.

What type of dietary supplements is required after lap band surgery?

Lap Band weight loss surgery is a restrictive type of weight loss surgery and not a malabsorptive type of surgery like gastric bypass surgery is. You need to have about 70 grams of replacement protein powder and take a chewable mutli-vitamin everyday.

What type of dietary supplements should be taken by gastric band patients?

Patients can develop nutrient deficiencies with a restrictive procedure such as the gastric banding surgery due to a lower food intake. Iron and B vitamin deficiencies are commonly reported in gastric band patients. Poor bone health is also a risk if they don't get adequate amounts of calcium. Gastric lap-band patients often have trouble eating beef, pork, lamb, and sometimes poultry after surgery. These foods all contain iron, as do enriched cereals, pastas and rice which are often not tolerated after surgery. The lost iron can easily be replaced IF NECESSARY, with properly formulated bariatric supplements.

What should I expect from my psychological evaluation for Lap-Band Surgery?

Lap-Band surgery psychological evaluation consisted of filling out a form that was a opinion form on how you felt about your eating habits, hobbies, if you are depressed, and your support group. The second half of the appointment was actually talking to the therapists about eating habits, the surgery, understanding that the surgery is a tool and not a quick fix, and to make sure that you have a strong support group. All and all a very simple process.

Is it possible to get health insurance for lap band surgery?

Insurance companies do cover major and minor surgeries but I doubt very much that they will cover lap band surgery. that is something you have to pay on your own. It would be different if you needed a liver transplan for instant because that is a surgery that they will cover but not lap band. Also most health insurance companies don't want people with existing medical condictions so that is why most people are turned down for health insurance because of their existing problem.

How much does the lap band procedure cost?

They can cost up to $25,000. Medicaide and medicare do pay for them. Most insurances will pay for them if you are grossly obese. Some cost $11000-$12000. The only one that will be able to tell you the closest price is your doctor and your insurance company. You need to call them direct, all offices are going to have different prices and your insurance decides what they'll pay. It'll probably be something like 80/20. But get in touch with offices that do the procedure, check around a few and see whats the cheapest (or get a referance) and have them check with your insurance how much it'll cost you.

How do i get the lap band process started?

Every insurance company is different. Call your insurance company to ask this question. They will let you know, because policies change so quickly and what is said today, may be different tomorrow. I have a friend who did the lap band with not much success and complications. I truly hope this works for you, this time. The majority, trade in other health issues that are just as bad as the ones they are trying to avoid, so I hope you thought this one out for a while. I know of morbidly obese people who have conquered fat loss without the lap band, so I know its possible.

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