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Question: How often should a cat recieve subcutaneous fluids for? Dehydrated cat due to illness last week so the vet gave her subcutaneous fluids. He told me to come back in 3 days. Is this normal or should she have it every day.?He says she absorbed quite a bit of fluids and left her on it for 15 minutes. At the moment she isnt drinking her own water this is why she had this type of drip.

Answer: Once every few days is fine, but every day is fine too as long as the cat is urinating OK. Subcutaneous fluids is just an alternative way for the cat to receive water when it won't drink. It also helps to push fluids through the kidneys when there are kidney issues as well. Any excess fluids the cat doesn't need for hydration will be urinated away. Depending upon whether your cat is too weak from the illness or if this is a respiratory illness, once daily may in fact be too frequent. You can always ask your vet if you should bring the cat in more frequently for fluids, would it be any more helpful than every 3 days. Most vets will be happy to explain why more frequently may be better or worse for your cat.


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