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Belly Button Surgery

Surgery to create a particular shaped belly button including a belly button that sits "in" rather than stands "out"; also known as "umbilicoplasty"

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Answer: Underwear model Karolina Kurkova has no belly button. Is a barely-there navel for cosmetic or medical reasons? The newspapers call it the "riddle of the £2.5m beauty". The beauty in question is Czech supermodel Karolina Kurkova. The riddle is her non-existent belly button.


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It's called an umbilicoplasty -- a big word for such a little bitty thing -- but Dr. Pablo Prichard, chief of plastic surgery at John C. Lincoln Hospital and senior partner at Advanced Aesthetic Associates, said there is a standard for the perfect ...

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Some, such as the woman who had her belly button removed to correct problems with a botched tummy-tuck, already have spent thousands on reconstruction surgery. Others face bills as high as $20,000, Papero said. Since letters were sent out to former ...

Miami-based Gaumard's medical simulators provide human (like) touch
Gaumard, which is run by Eggert's wife, Daphne, traces its history to 1946 when its founder, Dr. George Blaine, who was a World War II trauma physician and Daphne Eggert's father, recognized how polymers used in reconstructive and battlefield surgery ...

Women more likely than men to develop gallstones

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Because the technology uses one small incision through the belly button, one of the major benefits of Single-Site gallbladder surgery is the cosmetic advantage of its virtually scarless results. Other benefits include minimal pain, low blood loss, fast ...

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As if us ladies needed another body part to scrutinize and judge, a team of surgeons in Singapore joined together to study photogenic belly buttons (so they picked a sampling of 37 Playboy models) and emerged all the wiser about what exact factors ...

Dr. Nahla Merhi Receives Special Certification to Treat Pelvic Floor Disorders

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Silver Cross Hospital is pleased to announce Nahla Merhi, M.D. has earned certification in female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery from the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology. As a board certified ... In addition to specializing in ...