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Eyelid Ptosis Surgery

Procedure to raise one or both droopy upper eyelids to restore an alert appearance and possibly improve visual fields

Question: 23 yrs old and ptosis eyelid surgery? i was born with ptosis on my left eyelid. When i was a kid i had two surgeries for this but it never really worked or lasted long. im 23 and i still have it and gotten used to it. But since i was a kid i avoided eye contact with people but now i only kinda do it to some people. i cant afford surgery cuz i dont have insurance or nothing. why didnt the past surgeries work??? i hate looking people in the eyes, i feel like such a loser.

Answer: There's this YOU, inside of that shell you wear called your body. And the real YOU, way down deep in there is pure, clean, quiet, brilliant, soft .... love, so to speak. On top of all that are the experiences of your life that you put on like coats or shirts or ?. This makes you, you, with the little quirks, physical characteristics, attitudes, behavioral temperament,.. all of it. I'd ask you, what is it inside you that makes yourself feel of some value to yourself, that you've decided OTHER PEOPLE'S OPINIONS ARE MORE VALID THAN YOUR OWN! There are many, many actors we all know who display a funny eye issue, such as Colombo. But you remember how he was in the character, the wisdom, the intelligence, the gentleness, the curiosity, the funny quirks. That's what made up the character. So why would a ptotic eye, though it may make you very self aware, influence who you are? People will know you as the very great guy who did such nice things for others, was kind or gentle, helpful, a great dad, a wonderful son or father or... If the ptosis is repairable, get it fixed. What's hard about that? And especially if it is the cause of such distress. If you try and it doesn't work all that well, then you TRIED. And you'll feel less 'bothered' by the thing that no one can fix, cuz no one can fix the thing! There are many reasons for ptosis. You can get the lid lifted, but one has to be careful when lifting a lid, or suspending it such as in a brow suspension, or other muscle redirecting surgery, and that is if the lid is too high and won't close, then you'll get all that exposure inflammation because you can't blink 'right'. Talk to plastics, ophthalmic plastics rather than regular plastic surgery. Find the ophthalmologist who went into plastics rather than the plastic guy who does lids. Also talk to pediatric ophthalmologists as they deal with this specific problem all the time. After 3 or 4 opinions you'll have an idea of the course you want to pursue, the risks, the complications and which of the doctors you would rather do the surgery.


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