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Cosmetic Surgery

An elective procedure performed to reshape normal structures in the body in order to improve appearance

Question: cosmetic surgery? i was just wondering what everyone's opinion on cosmetic surgery is. im planning on getting it when i am of age, not to look fake but just to feel better about myself. i watch dr. 90210 and i think i would like to have dr. li as the surgeon for a breast augmentation i may get. i would have to be really rich though, cuz most insurance companies dont pay for it right? o i thought she only did like breast augmentation and reductions etc but she does really nice nose refinements and stuff. so if i become rich (in my dreams) i could get surgeries by her. ok apparently ppl dont understand wat i mean. i know the risks etc etc i just dont think theres a problem with getting a surgery to feel better about yourself. and if you feel thats what u want to do, i say go for it. i cant really explain it online

Answer: Each of us has a "self-image," a perception of how we believe we look to others. People who are happy with their self-image are more likely to be self-confident, effective in work and social situations, and comfortable in their relationships. No matter what type of plastic surgery you're considering, the most important factor in its success is the surgeon you choose. I had breast aumentation in Octobre 2004, I am so happy with the results.


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