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Question: itching of inner canthus? i have this eye problem, both my eye itches a lot in summer especially the inner canthus..though both eyes dont itch at the same time. In winter it kind of disappears or reduces is mainly due to the heat. i visited few doctors and they said its allergy. but i could never find any medicine. Can anyone help me..thank you

Answer: That does sound like an allergy problem. There are a few good over the counter eye drops for allergy. Zaditor is a good one that you do not need a prescription for. WIth eye drops, though, do not over use them and if the problems persist see an eye dr. BTW, inner canthus is where most people get itchy, allergy eyes. And if you don't want drops try OTC allergy meds like benadryl and cool compresses. Again, see a dr if the problem persists.


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"A temperature that is about the threshold, in this case 38.5 degrees Celsius in the area of the inner canthus, it could be setup where the picture or the color would be white so if you see the white that person would need further screening," Pascoe said.