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In vision correction surgery, the technique of correcting one eye for near vision and one eye for far vision; used in those who would normally require bi-focal lenses for presbyopia

Question: Is it possible or practical to get monovision glasses? If I get lens implants and need one glass for reading and the other for distance, would that work? Would it be similar to monovision contacts? Has anyone heard of this?

Answer: I'm assuming your having cataract surgery. I am an optician and sometimes I see rx's for glasses over monovision contacts to correct the near eye for distance (for driving at night...etc). Monovision glasses aren't going to be very helpful due to prism imbalances from the lenses being different powers. One image would be blurred and when you look away from the center of the lens you may see double or feel eye strain. My suggestion would be to go to your eye care professional and see if they can use trial lenses to simulate the effect so you know what it would be like.


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She did what many cataract patients learn to do: Get distance vision improvement in the monovision lens in one eye and close-up vision correction in the other. "I love it because I don't have to wear glasses," Buckley said. That combination can be very ...

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If you need cataract surgery on both eyes, and choose monofocal IOLs but hope to be less dependent on glasses, consider a technique called monovision. Monovision involves implanting an IOL for near vision in one eye and an IOL for far vision in the ...

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There are 3 potential solutions to the presbyopia problem - multifocal contact lenses, monovision (One contact lens for distance vision and one for reading), or a combination of single vision distance contact lenses with reading spectacles. It should ...

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