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In vision correction surgery, the technique of correcting one eye for near vision and one eye for far vision; used in those who would normally require bi-focal lenses for presbyopia

Question: Is it possible or practical to get monovision glasses? If I get lens implants and need one glass for reading and the other for distance, would that work? Would it be similar to monovision contacts? Has anyone heard of this?

Answer: I'm assuming your having cataract surgery. I am an optician and sometimes I see rx's for glasses over monovision contacts to correct the near eye for distance (for driving at night...etc). Monovision glasses aren't going to be very helpful due to prism imbalances from the lenses being different powers. One image would be blurred and when you look away from the center of the lens you may see double or feel eye strain. My suggestion would be to go to your eye care professional and see if they can use trial lenses to simulate the effect so you know what it would be like.


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Eye care center opens in Anna

Sidney Daily News (subscription)
The office also provides a of contact lens options including soft, gas permeable (hard), astigmatism, bifocal, monovision, keratoconic, corneal re-shaping and colored lenses. The office plans to become very involved in the Anna community and Shelby ...

Is LASIK right for you?

KSAT San Antonio
To maintain your ability to see close objects, you might choose to have your vision corrected for monovision. With monovision, one eye is corrected for distant vision, and the other eye is corrected for near vision. However, not everyone is able to ...

Your fitPrescription to good eye health
About 10 years ago, I tried something called mono-vision, which is wearing one contact instead of two, wearing a distance contact in my dominant eye. I am very near-sighted (cannot see far away) so the mono-vision worked beautifully for many years.

Eye to eye

The Daily Advocate
But we adults learned a lesson. It was difficult getting used to the patch. For me with mono-vision contacts, it was a challenge to get around. My perception was off as it was for the other adults. Finally we removed the patches. A sigh of relieve ...

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Für einige bietet sich auch eine sogenannte Monovisions-LASIK an. Dabei werden die Augen so eingestellt, dass der Behandelte ein Auge zur Weitsicht und das andere zur Nahsicht nutzt. Patienten, die eine Monovisions-Korrektur in Erwägung ziehen, ...

Que peut faire la chirurgie de la presbytie ?

Medscape France
Plusieurs sous catégories de chirurgie cornéenne sont possibles : monovision, techniques multifocales, implant cornéen. Ce type de chirurgie est particulièrement indiqué à une personne de 40 à 55 ans ou en début de presbytie, quand le cristallin est clair.

Altersweitsichtigkeit lasern - Wundermittel ohne Einschränkungen? (Pressemitteilung)
Hamburg/Istanbul, 24. Juli 2014 ? Gleitsichtbrille, Kamra Inlay, Lesebrille, Multifokallinsen, Monovision, Lasik-Wavefront, Femto-Lasik-Wavefront, ReLEx Smile, Kontaktlinsen, Multifokallinsen, Intracor oder Supracor. Die Agenlaserspezialisten ...

Profiter d'une chirurgie de la cataracte pour soigner la presbytie ?

Medscape France
C'est au moment du choix de l'implant que se fait la différence et deux choix sont possibles : il est possible de proposer une technique monovision en posant des implants monofocaux dont la puissance est calculée (biométrie) avec un oeil pour voir de ...