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Also known as adrenaline, a medication used to control bleeding and to prolong the effect of local anesthetics; works by constricting the blood vessels

Question: Epinephrine? Will epinephrine make me more aggressive? Like, say for example that I am really timid in football. If I take epinephrine will it just make me go crazy and be relentless? Thanks.

Answer: I think it's more for getting over hives. I wouldn't use it for sports. Use visualization. See yourself in your imagination, from OUTSIDE yourself. See yourself playing sports. Now, see yourself being stronger & more aggressive, when it's necessary. See yourself being applauded by your teammates & your coach yelling, "Great!" at you. That's better than weird drugs.


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Commentary: Lives may depend on schools stocking epinephrine

Columbus Dispatch
At that time, I was the first child at Granville Childcare to walk in the door with an allergy so severe it required the staff to be trained in the use of epinephrine medication. In fact, my starting preschool class was delayed, because the school ...

Quick Clip: Does epinephrine work?
In this week's Inside EMS podcast quick clip, hosts Chris Cebollero and Kelly Grayson discuss a study that looks at whether epinephrine really works. ?One milligram of 1:10,000 solution every three to five minutes may not necessarily be what they need ...

MedPage Today

Adrenaline: The Best and Worst of Drugs
MedPage Today

Schools can stock epinephrine for any kid

Mansfield News Journal
A new law allows Ohio schools and day camps to stock epinephrine auto-injectors, commonly known as EpiPens, for children without a specific child's prescription. Previously, nurses could store epinephrine only for students with prescriptions ...

Medical Xpress

Allergists to study epinephrine auto-injector program
Medical Xpress

City of Hamilton launches stock epinephrine auto-injector pilot project at ...
TORONTO, Sept. 8, 2014 /CNW/ - A pilot project is being launched in Hamilton, Ontario today to examine the effects of stocking epinephrine auto-injectors (EAIs) at Jackson Square shopping mall. As part of the project, security guards have been trained ...

Epinephrine auto injector pilot project begins at Jackson Square

San Francisco Chronicle

New laws require schools to have EpiPens to help kids with allergies
Detroit Free Press

Canadian educational levels related to epinephrine autoinjector prescription odds

Less than half of surveyed Canadians with a diagnosed food allergy, particularly in households with lower educational levels, reported having an epinephrine autoinjector prescription in a recent study. Researchers conducted a random telephone survey in ...

Push Dose Epinehrine as a Temporizing Measure for Drugs Causing Hypotension
However, a patient in shock who requires emergent airway management often requires vasopressor support.1 Dopamine is usually used as the first-line vasopressor in EMS, but epinephrine is a readily available vasopressor carried on every ALS unit.