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Also known as adrenaline, a medication used to control bleeding and to prolong the effect of local anesthetics; works by constricting the blood vessels

Question: Epinephrine? Will epinephrine make me more aggressive? Like, say for example that I am really timid in football. If I take epinephrine will it just make me go crazy and be relentless? Thanks.

Answer: I think it's more for getting over hives. I wouldn't use it for sports. Use visualization. See yourself in your imagination, from OUTSIDE yourself. See yourself playing sports. Now, see yourself being stronger & more aggressive, when it's necessary. See yourself being applauded by your teammates & your coach yelling, "Great!" at you. That's better than weird drugs.


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Ohio lawmakers approve bill to allow schools, camps to stock epinephrine to ...
The Plain Dealer

RE-1 Valley Board of Education hears about epinephrine auto-injector bill

During a Board of Education workshop on Monday, RE-1 nurses Jana Welsh and Tara Busmente spoke about House Bill 13-1171, a bill concerning use of epinephrine auto-injectors in emergency situations in schools. Welsh heard about the bill at a new ...

School Board votes down stocking unprescribed allergy medication

Summit Daily News
School nurse Karen Tosetti-Scott holds an EpiPen inside its protective capsule at the Summit High School clinic Wednesday, April 9. The medical device contains epinephrine, used to releive symptoms of severe allergic reactions, and is labeled with ...

EpiPens may required in schools

Seaside Courier
Current state law allows school districts to stock epinephrine, but it isn't required. Opponents say the legislation would allow non-medically trained personnel to make diagnoses. The California Teachers Association, the California School Employees ...

Stalled bill could save lives

Durham Herald Sun
If schools stored emergency epinephrine injectors, the medicine that quickly treats a severe allergic reaction could literally be a lifesaver for some children. School nurses overwhelmingly support the idea. All but five states already require schools ...

Coping with Food Allergies

Pharmacy Times
For serious reactions, your doctor will prescribe agents that counter anaphylaxis. One example is a self-administered epinephrine injection (often called an EpiPen). Epinephrine immediately reverses anaphylaxis.5. Coping Strategies Reading labels is ...

The perils of peanuts

Cambridge Times
Anaphylaxis can progress very quickly and may cause death without proper medical attention, so spreading awareness, taking precautions to minimize risk, as well as always being prepared with epinephrine is a part of our everyday life now. Jaden's ...

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Education Committee approves emergency student treatment, school choice ...
Orange County Breeze

Chosing the right camp: Some questions to ponder

The South Florida Times
What is the staff training? How many returned from last year? Do the counselors come in at least the week before for full training? Who knows how to do CPR? Who can handle an Epinephrine pen? How many counselors are new? Where did they come from?

Dodsworth & Brown wins business award

Hamilton Spectator
Schure is currently working on the Epinephrine Auto Injector (EAI) pilot project in Hamilton. The Ancaster Mill Youth Volunteer of the Year is Abby Sparling of Ancaster High School. Sparling is a member of the student council and was elected president ...