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Cheek Fat Removal

Surgical removal of fat in the lower cheeks to slim and contour the face; also called "buccal fat pad excision"

Question: Does/can cheek fat removal (lyposuction) make them more chiselled? Just lookin @ male models they all seem to have impossibly chiselled cheekbones and jawlines surely it can't all be natural? Do they have it done? What are the affects of it?

Answer: Some have naturally chiselled features or their cheekbones are more noticeable because they have a very low body fat percentage. Some may have their cheekbones enhanced with implants. Others may wear contouring make up, use side burns, etc. to emphasize their cheek bones. And do not forget about Photoshop - air brushing. Hollowing out the cheeks by removing fat is no longer done. As people age, the fat pads in their cheeks disappear. Cosmetic surgeons have found that people who have had the fat in their cheeks removed when they are young end up with skull like faces when they get older.


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