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The process of removing dead or devitalized tissue prior to reconstructive or cosmetic surgery.

Question: Side effects of hydrogen peroxide as a debriding agent? I use hydrogen peroxide (3% concentration) as an oral debriding agent once a day. Will this have negative side effects on my teeth? Damage the enamel, etc?

Answer: No, you shouldn't have too much of a problem. If you use baking soda with that then you should limit the amount of hydrogen peroxide to about once a week. But if you use about 3% concentrated hydrogen peroxide, you should be fine, there should be no negative side affects and no damage to the enamel.


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The system includes a debriding rinse and a debriding serum. Both the serum and rinse are a biologic solution (including carbamide peroxide) that, according to the manufacturer, integrates with saliva to provide superior removal of bacteria, fungi ...

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In case of moderate peri-implant soft tissue recession that has an exposed abutment, hand and ultrasonic mechanical instruments should be used to debride the prosthesis. He also recommended that plastic and implant-specific ultrasonic inserts be used ...

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