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Benign fatty tumor, often treated with excision or liposuction

Question: Is lipoma completely noncancerous no matter how long it is on your body? Also, does lipoma spread? I asked that because I'm still scared and worried about getting the lipoma removed from my back and the results that will follow after the procedure.

Answer: By definition, a lipoma is a benign fatty-cell growth, which doesn't spread, but may become large. Generally, the removal of a lipoma doesn't involve a large incision, so that the resulting scar is usually a small one. Since you are worried about it, make sure that the tissue gets examined by a pathologist, who can then assure you that the tissue is not cancerous, as there are liposarcomas, which are cancerous. However, the liposarcomas tend to be rather hard, and not soft and mushy, as is a benign lipoma.


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Most lipomas feel fairly soft and movable under the skin and do not usually typically make pets uncomfortable unless they are in a location where normal movement is disrupted. Once your pet develops a lipoma, it is common for additional tumors to appear.

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We find the lipomas located (a) around the ventral (undercarriage) aspects of the subcutaneous (under the skin) areas of the chest and abdomen (not to be confused with mammary gland (breast) tumours and ?..To continue reading, login or subscribe now.


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Lipoma braccio dx

Dica 33
Buonasera. Ho un lipoma al braccio dx di dimensioni considerevoli (10 cm di diametro, all'omero ), con la crescita constatata negli ultimi 30 mesi. Dal primo controllo, mi è stata richiesta una risonanza magnetica. Sembrerebbe, infatti, che, pur ...

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On palpation, you may find a lipoma on the back that the patient did not even know about. Any of these findings would warrant questions to fully round out your case history notes. Don't be afraid to talk to patients. They came to you for care and most ...

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As pequenas cirurgias que já estão disponíveis são debridamento de úlcera ou necrose (perna, pé ou mão); drenagem de abscesso; exérese de nevus ou linfangioma/nevus; exérese de tumor de pele a anexos/ cisto sebáceo/ lipoma/ verrumas; extração de ...

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... Tijuana, realizarán los días 16 y 17 de agosto la jornada de Cirugía Extramuros, donde realizarán intervenciones laparoscópicas por piedras en la vesícula, hernias (inguinal, ventral o umbilical), lipoma (tumor de tejidos blandos), así como ...