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Tissue Expander

Inflatable balloon placed under the skin and gradually expanded with saline to cause new tissue to grow over it

Question: Do they allow a 2nd tissue expander to continue expanding breast area for reconstructive surgery? They were not able to expand my tissue to be as large as my other breast and I would prefer not to have to have a drastic reduction. Can a 2nd expander be used to create a larger breast cavity before completing reconstructive surgery with implant? This would necessitate an additional surgery, however, and I wanted to know if there was any history of this having been accepted. If anyone else experienced this and found a solution besides a drastic breast reduction on the other side, I'd be greatly appreciative to find out any other options? Because I have Fibromyalgia, which is a conntective tissue disease, I can't do any of the "flaps". I can only use saline implants after having been expanded. Thanks... Yes they put in the tissue expander after a radical mastectomy. I think my original Plastic Surgeon (who was a man) wasn't concerned about my feelings or input (hense my "original Plastic Surgeon"), and didn't expand it as much as he should have prior to my radiation treatments; which caused a lot of scar tissue so it wasn't able to be expanded as much afterward. 3 times I was given 100 cc's of saline prior to the radiation; but I had plenty of time and opportunity to do more, I just wasn't aware that I should have. My new PS was only able to get 2 fillings of 50 cc's each time afterward; which were quite painful, but now everything is fine and my muscles and tendons, etc. have no problem. But she now says I will need a breast reduction on my left side, as well as a lift, to match the right side, because I am over expanded at this time. And, even at the expantion that I have now, once the expander is removed, the tissues actually shrink a bit and I'll be smaller yet. Any suggestions?

Answer: Hi, Sorry that you are having so many problems after surgery; while I am a man, had a couple of things - i understand this is a HUGE issue after surgery (have a couple of friends who have gone through it) as becky said - how about an inplant over the muscle? if that isn't going to work, there are a lot of prostetics out there that could be fitted so both breast match. when i was "young", a good friend of mine worked in this business - local company that specilized in "after surgery bras" etc. fitted correctly, you could not tell the difference. one link this doesn "help", if you are "sans clothes" but any person who loves you will not care if they are not "a set" [ and btw i have never seen a set that were 100% identical anyway]. If they do care, probably not someone you want to be with anyway. hope it was of some help, you might calll the local ACS to get more information: Jewells 29 months and still here


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