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An accumulation of fluid within the tissues

Question: Does my puppy have seroma or is his hernia opening back up after surgery? My puppy had a umbilical hernia repaired Monday with stainless steel sutures. The reason they used stainless steel is this is the second surgery on it in the past 3 weeks. It came back open the first time, now Im worried it is coming out again because it is swollen out. The vet told me it would swell and to come back in 4 or 5 days to drain it. He said it was called seroma when it filled with fluid. How do I tell if it is just seroma or has the hernia site opened back up? Anyone with experience on this please let me know any info you have.

Answer: You can't really tell. A seroma is a fluid filled space, so it should be soft and squishy. If you are worried thought run him to the vet, if he is in trouble then he'll be ok and if not at least you'll have some peace of mind!


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The patient was seen in the surgical clinic five days later and was noted to have painless erythema around the umbilicus (Figure 1). His abdominal exam was otherwise unremarkable, including recurrence or seroma formation. On further questioning ...

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?Las ecografías que pedí a la EPS muestran un seroma, que la prótesis está nadando en un líquido y que tengo un quiste debajo del implante. Hace 20 días me descubrieron que tengo un tumor de tiroides. El hígado no funciona bien, retengo líquidos, ...


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