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A benign white or yellowish bump on the surface of the cornea caused by trauma or UV exposure

Question: Do I have to live with my pinguecula forever? It developed a couple of months ago, I just looked it up today and found it is a pinguecula. I understand it is benign, but will I have to have it forever? What are the chances of it shrinking? Or is it actually likely to grow? I live in a hot sandy climate, is it a good idea to buy good sunglasses with high protection level or is it too late now?

Answer: My friend has one of these. the eye doctor said she should protect her eyes from the sun because that's what causes the problem. I think it's always a good idea to protect your eyes from the sun's rays. I don't think they every go away. Sometimes hers gets very sore and irritated so she can't wear her contacts and she hates that!


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?As far as damage, UV light affects the anterior segment causing skin cancers of the eyelid, pinguecula, pterygium and photokeratitis, and it contributes to cataract formation,? Gary L. Morgan, OD, told Primary Care Optometry News. ?However, in ...

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Pterygium/Pinguecula: a benign growth on the white part of the eye and is very common in the islands due to the sun exposure and being near the ocean. It can begin in the teenage years. Surgical removal is necessary with fast progressing ones to avoid ...