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A benign white or yellowish bump on the surface of the cornea caused by trauma or UV exposure

Question: Do I have to live with my pinguecula forever? It developed a couple of months ago, I just looked it up today and found it is a pinguecula. I understand it is benign, but will I have to have it forever? What are the chances of it shrinking? Or is it actually likely to grow? I live in a hot sandy climate, is it a good idea to buy good sunglasses with high protection level or is it too late now?

Answer: My friend has one of these. the eye doctor said she should protect her eyes from the sun because that's what causes the problem. I think it's always a good idea to protect your eyes from the sun's rays. I don't think they every go away. Sometimes hers gets very sore and irritated so she can't wear her contacts and she hates that!


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