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Refers to the tip of the nose being too thin which can occur from lack of cartilaginous support

Question: What if there are still air bubbles in the condom after you pinch the tip of it? like near the bottom of the head of my penis, if there are air bubbles after i pinched the tip of the condom, thats alright right? if not how do i get rid of them cuz they always seem to be there?

Answer: Air bubbles in the condom makes it more likely for them to break because of the friction against the bubbles. So there shouldn't be any. Are you making sure to pinch the air out of the tip before rolling it on? If so, you should then smooth out any other bubbles after that. Also, make sure you're using condoms that are the right it possible you're using ones that are too big? It's just really important that it fits properly or you could risk it slipping off or breaking.


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