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The changes that occur to the skin due to exposure to the sun. This includes wrinkles and age spots.

Question: I am doing a science fair project on which photo ages sooner. Digital or Film? How do I test this? This is my science fair project, but I don't know how to even start it! I need ideas on how to test whether a digital photo or a 35mm film photo ages. I was thinking of different environments like hot, cold, humid, smoking(cigarettes) environment, etc. Please help! I need a lot of detail. So if you have any cool ideas with details, please, don't hesitate. :)

Answer: This is kind of the opposite of a cool answer because, frankly, I don't see how this would work as a science fair project. The medium on which your "negative" was created really has nothing to do with how a print of the photo ages. That would vary based on the type of paper, processing, etc. that was used to create the print. In other words, photo paper doesn't know or care whether you've printed from a digital source or film - it makes no difference. You might be able to make it work if what you're testing is "mass-produced" prints (like from the photo counter at Walgreens) vs. professionally produced prints (by a photographer using darkroom equipment) - which one would age more quickly under various conditions.


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Jun Tan, MD, of Hunan Normal University in Chang-Sha, China, and colleagues performed one fractional CO2 laser procedure on the full face in 56 patients with photoaging. For 30 of the patients, the degree of skin aging was evaluated before treatment ...


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Cutaneous (skin) aging generally occurs from either intrinsic or extrinsic processes. Intrinsic aging results from natural skin tissue damage and degeneration. In humans, intrinsic aging is primarily characterized by atrophy of the dermis due to loss ...

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This can result in dull-looking skin, fine lines, deep wrinkles, dark spots and uneven skin tone, known as photoaging. Katavi is the first skincare range based on the Kigelia Africana fruit. Halsted, a 30-year veteran of the beauty industry, was ...


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A large variation of photoaging occurrence was observed, with the younger patients experiencing photoage scores ranging from 0 to 6 (mean, 1.59) and the older patients, 2 to 7 (mean, 4.3). Participants in both cohorts had a significant association ...

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According to Dermalogica's Sonette Donker and The International Dermal Institute, it is estimated that 80% to 99% of what we see on our skin as adults is the result of exposure to sunlight ? referred to as photo-aging. This can result in wrinkle ...

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