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The changes that occur to the skin due to exposure to the sun. This includes wrinkles and age spots.

Question: I am doing a science fair project on which photo ages sooner. Digital or Film? How do I test this? This is my science fair project, but I don't know how to even start it! I need ideas on how to test whether a digital photo or a 35mm film photo ages. I was thinking of different environments like hot, cold, humid, smoking(cigarettes) environment, etc. Please help! I need a lot of detail. So if you have any cool ideas with details, please, don't hesitate. :)

Answer: This is kind of the opposite of a cool answer because, frankly, I don't see how this would work as a science fair project. The medium on which your "negative" was created really has nothing to do with how a print of the photo ages. That would vary based on the type of paper, processing, etc. that was used to create the print. In other words, photo paper doesn't know or care whether you've printed from a digital source or film - it makes no difference. You might be able to make it work if what you're testing is "mass-produced" prints (like from the photo counter at Walgreens) vs. professionally produced prints (by a photographer using darkroom equipment) - which one would age more quickly under various conditions.


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... to treat the superficial melanin pigmentation and hemoglobin-containing vascular skin lesions. This is also effective in treating conditions in which both melanin and vascular lesions are present, such as in photo aging, also known as poikiloderma ...

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There's no question that sun exposure is a major culprit for skin damage and aging. It contributes to the classic signs of photo-aging, which includes uneven pigmentation, broken blood vessels, loss of collagen and elastin, and wrinkly, sagging skin ...

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As the aging process begins, the fat underneath the skin of the chest begins to thin. This area is highly prone to photoaging from continuous sun exposure. Years of sun exposure and fat loss from, the natural aging process, result in wrinkle formation ...

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If you're one of the stragglers who are still ignoring the startling statistics about skin cancer (more than 2 million Americans are diagnosed each year), maybe this video will get you to finally pay attention. Photographer and videographer Thomas ...

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Friday Aug 15, 2014 ( -- Sunlight or ultraviolet B (UVS) irradiation induces production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in the skin, which in turn triggers expression of matrix metalloproteinases and collagen degradation. Chronic ...

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