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Nerve Block

Injection of local anesthetic to the root of a nerve to numb the area along the path of that nerve

Question: How long will my leg be numb after having a nerve block? I have no control over it? The nerve block was done about 4 hours ago to block the pain in my right testicle. If I bend my right leg while walking I collapse, it has no strength or control. I tried to call the doc but they closed already. Any Ideas?

Answer: 4 hrs


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Researchers Examine Effectiveness of Blocking Nerve to Help With Weight Loss

Newswise (press release)
Newswise ? Among patients with morbid obesity, blocking the vagus nerve, which plays a role with appetite and metabolism, did not meet pre-specified efficacy objectives compared to a control group, although the intervention did result in greater ...

Anesthesia cuts pain, hospital stay for young patients with knee surgery

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Opioids, or sedative narcotics, were given after surgery to 61 percent of patients who had a femoral nerve block and 71 percent of patients who hadn't had such a block. Fewer patients who underwent anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL, repair had to be ...

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Vagal Nerve Block Therapy for Morbid Obesity Explored
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Combined axillary, suprascapular nerve block improves rotator cuff repair ...

Ultrasonographically guided axillary nerve block combined with suprascapular nerve block in arthroscopic rotator cuff repair improved patients' mean VAS scores during the first 24 hours after surgery compared with suprascapular nerve block alone, ...

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Intermittent vagal nerve block ineffective for weight loss in obesity
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Vagal Nerve Blockade for Obesity Treatment

Diabetes In Control
The coprimary efficacy objectives of the study were to determine whether the vagal nerve block was superior in mean percentage excess weight loss to sham by a 10-point margin with at least 55% of patients in the vagal block group achieving a 20% loss ...


Vagal Nerve Blockade for Obesity?

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The U.S. military training brought 18,000 U.S. servicemembers together to fight a sophisticated enemy trying to block U.S. access to international waters and airspace. Exercise officials scrupulously avoided any indication that this imagined enemy was ...

Prospect of tighter White House security touches nerve in Washington

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The prospect of more of the U.S. capital being closed off after an intruder got into the White House has struck a nerve in Washington over public space being eroded by barricades and bollards. The possible tightening of security ...

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The selected plants needed to be seen over the boxwood hedge, but not grow so tall that they would block the windows. The area also receives strong ... ?The first day I helped to mow the lawn was nerve-wracking,? Sawyer said. ?The lawn always looks so ...