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Medical term for nostrils; the openings to the nose

Question: What should I do to try to clear out my teil's Nares? I have an 8 week old teil' and I just saw that he has one of ihs nares clogged.What should I do? How should I try to clean it or will he clean it out by him self?

Answer: hell do it his self


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Three years ago, artist James Nares spent a week driving through Manhattan in a rented SUV with an ultra-high-speed camera rigged to a platform in the back seat with its lens pointed at the passing sidewalks, according to exhibit information provided ...

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"It is interesting that these Hadrosaurs had very large nares, very large nose on it, and this one, you know, is exceptional for that," he said. The dinosaur is known as Rhinorex Condrupus, and it's nickname is "Nose King." The duck-billed Hadrosaur ...

Treating Smoke Inhalation and Airway Burns
Look for soot deposited in the nares and oropharynx. Examine the mouth for swelling or blistering that might indicate thermal damage. Are there signs of burns to the face and neck? Any of these might indicate a need for aggressive air-way management.