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Medical term for nostrils; the openings to the nose

Question: What should I do to try to clear out my teil's Nares? I have an 8 week old teil' and I just saw that he has one of ihs nares clogged.What should I do? How should I try to clean it or will he clean it out by him self?

Answer: hell do it his self


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artnet News

New York Observer

James Nares Takes on His Taste for Velocity with 'High Speed Drawings'
New York Observer

James Nares' ?High Speed Drawings? at Paul Kasmin Gallery

?High Speed Drawings,? an exhibition by the British artist James Nares, is currently being held at the Paul Kasmin Gallery, Tenth Avenue, New York, until 25 October. The exhibition presents a series of drawings created using paper attached to a ...

Review of "Street" (artistic film)

The Creightonian
Three years ago, artist James Nares spent a week driving through Manhattan in a rented SUV with an ultra-high-speed camera rigged to a platform in the back seat with its lens pointed at the passing sidewalks, according to exhibit information provided ...

Rancho Santa Fe Review

11th annual Harvest for Hope benefit
Rancho Santa Fe Review

Joslyn Art Museum's CAP Gallery a home for contemporary exhibits

Omaha World-Herald
The CAP Gallery is a new space at the Joslyn Art Museum dedicated to living artists. It currently features James Nares' STREET, an hour-long video featuring high-speed footage of the streets of New York City that are slowed down and accompanied by ...

Seawall decision could impact other coastal property owners

Coast News
Rather, it merely gives the Commission the option to deny the permit outright in 20 years,? Nares wrote. Because the opinion is published, it could have far-reaching implications on property owners with private seawalls across the state, because it ...

James Nares à la Paul Kasmin Gallery

James Nares décrit son travail au New York Observer comme «un accompagnement visuel de STREET (son film réalisé en 2013, présentant New York grâce à une caméra attachée à l'arrière d'un van), puisqu'il présente un mode latéral, allant toujours dans ...

OB Rag

Bill Fulton: Appellate Court Upholds Coastal Commission's Tough Stance on ...
OB Rag

Word game: October 15, 2014

San Jose Mercury News
SATURDAY'S WORD -- SAUNTER sane saner sate saute sear seat sent seta snare star stare stern stun suer suet sura sure ante antre aster astern aunt unrest unseat unset user nares nature near neat nest nurse tare tarn tear tern true tsar tuna tune tuner ...