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A common local anesthetic

Question: What would Carboxylic acid have to combine with to make lidocaine? Also; What reaction would these two compounds undergo in order to form lidocaine? What is the other product of this reaction? Thanks If one of the compounds was carboxylic acid what would the other compound need to be?

Answer: 1) 2,6,-dimethylaniline and 1-chloroacetic acid combine to form lidocaine. 2) Condensation Reaction 3) Water


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Use of Lidocaine in Pigs for Pain Mitigation
It is AASV's opinion that, although not approved for use in swine, lidocaine is approved by FDA and, therefore, could be used in an extra-label manner if the conditions can be met of the Animal Medicinal Drug Use Clarification Act of 1994 (AMDUCA).

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EXPAREL Use in Femoral Nerve Block for Total Knee Arthroplasty Further ...

Wall Street Journal
Non-bupivacaine-based local anesthetics, including lidocaine, may cause an immediate release of bupivacaine from EXPAREL if administered together locally. The administration of EXPAREL may follow the administration of lidocaine after a delay of 20 ...

Think Like a Doctor: Running in Circles

She gave him lidocaine patches, and that seemed to help. But mostly he was healthy, except for his outbursts. Bipolar disorder ran in her family, the mother continued. Her uncle and several other members of her family had it. Dr. Goodman looked at the ...

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'Blue Bloods' Season 4, Episode 18: 'Righting Wrongs'
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Friday's TV Highlights: 'Hawaii Five-0' on CBS

Los Angeles Times
Blue Bloods Danny and Baez (Donnie Wahlberg, Marisa Ramirez) investigate when a woman turns up dead from a lethal dose of lidocaine after having secret plastic surgery in this new episode. 10 p.m. CBS. Continuum When the science fiction series returns ...