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An overgrown scar that extends the boundaries of the initial injury or incision, caused by excess collagen production

Question: keloid...? do they eventually disappear over time/reduce? i have a tiny one on my ear, and i was given vanos cream by my dermatologist. it helped, but isn't completely gone.

Answer: Here's a link with info about keloids.. has a lot about treatments..


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New Invention Provides Affordable & Effective Treatment for Keloid Scars
Scars?in particular keloid scars that result from overgrowth of skin tissue after injuries or surgeries?are unsightly and can even lead to disfigurement and psychological problems of affected patients. Individuals with darker pigmentation?in ...

Intralesional cryosurgery, silicone gel sheeting useful for refractory keloid ...

Researchers retrospectively analyzed 21 patients with 32 keloids; 25 lesions were treated with intralesional cryotherapy and postoperative silicone gel sheeting, and seven lesions were treated with intralesional cryotherapy alone. The researchers ...

Are lasers the answer for keloids, hypertrophic scars?

Scars happen. Doing a routine skin biopsy, performing a surgical facial rejuvenation treatment or Mohs surgery ? dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons cause scars. But they can also treat them. Hypertrophic burn scar before and after treatments with S ...

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New genes identified may unlock mystery of keloid development
Medical Xpress

Practice dilemma: Refusing a request for keloid scar removal

GP online
As a result, she has a keloid scar on her anterior chest wall, measuring approximately 2cm by 2cm. The patient wishes to have the scar removed because she is distressed by its appearance. Unfortunately, her request does not meet the CCG criteria for ...

Daily Mail

Beauty Bible beauty clinic: I have keloid scarring - what can I do?
Daily Mail

RXi Pharmaceuticals Announces Initiation of Phase 2a Keloid Study

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Keloids are also raised and reddened or darkened scars resulting from increased collagen production, but keloids often spread beyond the original site of skin injury and may continue to grow in size. Keloids can result from skin "trauma" as common as ...

RXi Pharmaceuticals Begins Phase 2a Study for Keloid Recurrence
Keloids are commonly treated with cortisone (intralesional steroid) injections once per month, but the treatment still leaves a mark and causes the skin to feel differently. RXI-109 may offer a better alternative to these and other more dramatic ...

Hot Sci-Fi Short 'Keloid' Drawing Robotic Heat (Exclusive Video)

Hollywood Reporter
Palomo isn't a complete unknown to Hollywood; he and his team have collaborated with Carl Rinsch several times and worked on the director's breakout short, The Gift. (And Keloid's concept art was provided by Aaron Beck, the concept designer for Avatar ...

?Keloid? sci-fi movie trailer outgrows Internet, gets big-name backing

A revamp of a speculative movie trailer about good robots and bad robots that has been making the rounds on Vimeo and YouTube for two years is finally gaining traction in the legit entertainment industry, the Hollywood Reporter revealed. Keloid, the ...