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The fatty layer of skin, home of sweat glands and fat and collagen cells. The hypodermis is responsible for conserving your body's heat and protecting your vital inner organs.

Question: What are the functions of the hypodermis? After studying the skin in anatomy class, Toby grabbed the large "love handles" at his waist and said "I have too thick hypodermis, but that's OK because this layer performs valuable functions!" What are the functions of the hypodermis?

Answer: The hypodermis acts as an energy reserve. The fats contained in the adipocytes can be put back into circulation, via the venous route, during intense effort or when there is a lack of energy providing substances, and are then transformed into energy. When we speak of "burning up calories", we are burning up fats in particular. The hypodermis participates, passively at least, in thermoregulation since fat is a heat insulator.


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