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Granulation Tissue

Rounded, fleshy connective tissue projections ont he surface of a healing wound

Question: Granulation tissue? Heres the question i cant find the answer to: Mrs. Lynsay sees her gynecologist because she is unable to become pregnant. the doctor discovers granulation tissue in her vaginal canal and explains that sperm are susceptible to some of the same chemicals as bacteria. What is inhibiting the sperm?

Answer: I suppose that the granulation tissue alters the pH making it more difficult for the sperm to perform their function. Additionally, enzymes may be liberated from the granulation tissue which lead to the breakdown of the spermatazoa.


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Gastroenterology removed the object emergently in the operating room. During the endoscopy, the esophageal wall was noted to be thin and friable. The esophagus surrounding the button battery was ulcerated with abundant granulation tissue formation ...

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"Protecting fragile granulation tissue while simultaneously providing bio-activity to stimulate wound closure is an enviable competitive advantage, especially with the growing popularity of treatments like Negative Pressure Wound Therapy" Hands continued.

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Oral mucosal drug absorption is governed by (a) the permeability of the oral mucous membrane and the anatomy of the underlying tissues, (b) the physicochemical properties of the drugs, and (c) the formulation design. The focus of this ..... Various ...

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Using machine learning, the investigators programmed a second algorithm to automatically classify tissue type. The three tissue types were: granulation (growth of healthy new connective, or fibrous, tissue), eschar (amount of dead tissue), and slough ...

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Critically colonised wounds may show signs of non-healing, there may be changes to the type, colour, consistency, odour and amount of exudate, healthy granulation tissue (normally bright red, firm and shiny) becomes dark, dull and friable, the amount ...

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When it comes to healing lower leg wounds, some horses take this advice to heart and essentially "overheal" their injuries, resulting in the production of unsightly granulation (scar) tissue, commonly known as proud flesh. At 2011 American Association ...

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In the inflammatory resorption, the resorptive process if the intraradicular dentin progresses without adjunctive deposition of hard tissues adjacent to the resorptive sites. The phenomenon is associated with the presence of granulation tissues in the ...

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... murine model of a full thickness dermal wound. Tylotoin directly enhances the motility and proliferation of keratinocytes, vascular endothelial cells and fibroblasts, resulting in accelerated re-epithelialization and granulation tissue formation in ...