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Granulation Tissue

Rounded, fleshy connective tissue projections ont he surface of a healing wound

Question: Granulation tissue? Heres the question i cant find the answer to: Mrs. Lynsay sees her gynecologist because she is unable to become pregnant. the doctor discovers granulation tissue in her vaginal canal and explains that sperm are susceptible to some of the same chemicals as bacteria. What is inhibiting the sperm?

Answer: I suppose that the granulation tissue alters the pH making it more difficult for the sperm to perform their function. Additionally, enzymes may be liberated from the granulation tissue which lead to the breakdown of the spermatazoa.


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FGF-1 and FGF-2 stimulate angiogenesis and the proliferation of fibroblasts that give rise to granulation tissue, which fills up a wound space/cavity early in the wound-healing process. The study represents the largest multi-central human clinical ...


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The team concludes: ?[A]lthough TOM is a rare entity, otologic surgeons should be vigilant for suggestive clinical signs such as painless otorrhea, abundant granulation tissue, facial paralysis, or a family history of tuberculosis. Including this ...

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BayJournal (press release)

Appreciating role of history, physical exam, X-rays can aid in diagnosis of ...

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The development of pneumonia, atelectasis and granulation tissue then can increase risk significantly during removal of the foreign body. Total or near-total main-stem bronchial obstruction leads to poor alveolar aeration and subsequent shunting of ...

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The outflow of exudate and moisture vapor creates capillary action against the wound surface and a low-pressure environment believed to stimulate cell growth and fibroblast mobility, thus promoting the formation of healthy granulation tissue. As the ...