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Question: Enamel.....? I havent been to the dentist for a while. I was bulimic for 3 years and i also have my tongue pierced, so in fear of the dentist finding out i was bulimic i havent went for a while. The enamel on my teeth is alomost gone....well i can tell i dont have much. i have also chipped my tooth with my tongue ring a while back. i brush, floss, and use mouthwash daily......but will my teeth rot due to the lack of enamel if i keep brushing them? i am going to the dentist, i just want to know before hand if i will have rotting teeth. i have alot of sensitivity in them, and i am scared.....will my teeth rot?

Answer: Dear KJ, In some respects I am like yourself, a bulimic who has binged and purged their way through many a tough times. I'm a recovering bulimic, but so are we all (even in times when we're three years past our last episode, we're still bulimics in recovery) when it comes to this disease. You may have erred (wrongly) by not telling your dentist, but you're on the road to recovery now and wanting to seek medical advice, good for you. Your dentist will likely provide you with adequate information upon your arrival, with LITTLE to no skirting around the issue -- but that's what you need to hear, the truth. You will garner A LOT of sympathy and support from someone if you are upfront, forthcoming and not duplicitous. Give him (or her) the exact analogue of what you've been through, and remember not to keep ANYTHING back. Will your teeth rot without enamel? Yes, because underneath that enamel is your dentin, an area of the tooth that has little protection against acid wear. You need to remineralize your tooth enamel immediately, the need is obviously apparent. You can purchase over the counter toothpastes which are high in fluoride (I suggest prevident), which will remineralize your teeth. I suggest you also eat foods that are high in calcium, such as cheese and dairy products. Good oral hygiene is what may have protected you up until now, but I cannot be for certain. I'm hoping for the best as I'm an optimist.


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