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Double vision

Question: How to cure diplopia associated with brain injury? When I was 14 years old I had a stroke since then I have been living with diplopia (double vision) now I am 19 years old I am desperate please help me

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Oral Fluoroquinolones and Risk of Glaucoma

Since then, multiple ocular side effects such as optic neuropathy, retinal hemorrhage, diplopia, and retinal detachment have been reported. Hinkle et al have reported a possible association between uveitis and fluoroquinolone therapy, especially with ...


Neurologic Deficits in Children Preceded by Febrile Illness

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The children presented with extremity weakness, cranial nerve dysfunction (eg, diplopia, facial droop, dysphagia, or dysarthria), or both. The onset of neurologic illness occurred between August 8 and September 15, 2014. Other than neck, back, or ...

Virtual reality can't cause PTSD, but it can treat it

It's ability to substitute reality for any imaginable experience has been shown to have real, measurable effects on people, to the extent that one developer used it to cure his own diplopia. Popular Science magazine is now asking if the experience is ...


Washington Post
Works from Leung's ?Diplopia? series, for instance, are an attempt to capture the painter's experience of double vision after a partial loss of eyesight last year. Her complex, intertwined and overlapping forms are specific, yet also more broadly ...

Prostate Cancer Presenting With Neurologic Deficits and Visual Symptoms ...

He had blurred vision and diplopia of 1-month duration. He denied any associated eye pain, headache, or other ocular or neurologic symptoms. He had no significant past medical history or history of trauma or cranial injury. His ocular history was ...


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Professora faz vdeo de alerta sobre riscos de anticoncepcionais aps ter ...
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