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Question: How to cure diplopia associated with brain injury? When I was 14 years old I had a stroke since then I have been living with diplopia (double vision) now I am 19 years old I am desperate please help me

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Diplopia, the VR Game to Help Strabismus

Diplopia, the VR Game to Help Strabismus. Posted in Physiological Effects of 3D. Diplopia is a game designed using the latest research to help amblyopia (lazy eye) as well as strabismus (crossed eye) in stereoscopic virtual reality using an Oculus Rift ...

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Red flag symptoms: Diplopia
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Diplopia Virtual Reality Game Helps Alleviate the Effects of Lazy Eye
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Doctors Told This Man His Vision Would Never Improve; He Decided to See for ...

He's started a company, Diplopia, to further develop his video game and to help other people overcome lifelong disabilities. Earlier this year, Blaha raised over $20,000 through a crowdsourced fundraising campaign, convincing hundreds of people to kick ...

Seeing Double: Finding the Cause of Diplopia

Diplopia is a frightening, disconcerting experience for patients. Attempting to identify the cause of diplopia can be a similarly anxiety-filled endeavor for clinicians. An isolated cranial nerve palsy (a mononeuropathy) can range from a relatively ...

Diplopia hopes to restore 3D vision in adults through gaming
Diplopia, a brick-breaking game designed with the Oculus Rift in mind, aims to help restore 3D vision in adults. With 40 days left on the fundraising clock, the concept has already raised enough to be funded nearly five times over -- the total is $9 ...

Diplopia, the 3D Game that Restores Failing 3D Vision

Virtual Reality helmet Oculus Rift developer James Blaha has taken to crowd-funding site IndieGoGo to raise funds for his VR project Diplopia. The campaign ended on January 12, 2014 with great success, gathering 10 times its original funding goal.

Using Leap Motion And Oculus Rift, This Game Tries To Correct Lazy Eye

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Two weeks after the campaign ended, Diplopia was accepted in the LEAP AXLR8R backed by SOSventures and Founders Fund, which aims to provide support for startups that want to build on top of Leap Motion's gesture-sensing technology. The company's ...


Diplopia uses Oculus Rift to help treat visual disorders

Diplopia is an Oculus Rift game that hopes to cure lazy eye and restore depth ...

?It was long thought that once a person's brain had learned to suppress one of their eyes that they could only unlearn this suppression before a "critical age" of between 8 and 12 years old,? writes the game's creator, James Blaha, on Diplopia's ...