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Double vision

Question: How to cure diplopia associated with brain injury? When I was 14 years old I had a stroke since then I have been living with diplopia (double vision) now I am 19 years old I am desperate please help me

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Diplopia, the VR Game to Help Strabismus

Diplopia is a game designed using the latest research to help amblyopia (lazy eye) as well as strabismus (crossed eye) in stereoscopic virtual reality using an Oculus Rift hrad mounted display. How James Blaha's Diplopia game helped him see in 3D.

Fenomeni di diplopia

Dica 33
mia madre (76 anni) circa 2 mesi fa a ha avuto un paio di episodi di diplopia associati alla visione di sfondi colorati. Il neurologo ha prescritto una tac del cranio e un ecodoppler carotideo: entrambi hanno dato esito negativo (il neurologo ...

Red flag symptoms: Epistaxis

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Malignancy of the sinonasal tract may present with nasal obstruction, rhinorrhoea, epistaxis, headaches and facial pain. There should be a high index of suspicion if there is unilateral facial swelling, diplopia, unilateral proptosis or cranial ...


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