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Cafe-au-lait Spot

A benign flat, light-brown to tan lesion; may be associated with neurofibromatosis

Question: Will a Cafe au lait spot effect me? I'm 13, and I always thought the spot I had was a birth mark, but I just found out it's a cafe au lait (spelling??) spot. My mom said it was a sign of neurofibromitosis (spelling??). My uncle is dying from that disease and his daughter had it too. I know it's genetic, and we think my grandfather had it also. What do you think the chances of me getting neurofibromitosis are?? Your answer means a lot to me!! *Shayna* PS My dad's a doctor so we eat pretty healthy PPS If you know the correct spelling for neurofibromisosis and cafe au lait spots then will you please tell me?? Thanks!! :-D

Answer: Neurofibromatosis Re cafe au lait (CAL) In the newborn period, solitary CAL spots may occur in 0.3% of whites, 3% of Hispanics, and in 18% of blacks.2 CAL spots that confirm the diagnosis of NF1 occur at an estimated frequency of 1 in 3500 persons. It looks as if the chances are pretty remote. Why don't you talk to your father?, he will understand your concern.


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