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An antispetic used to skill bacteria in the surgical site. Frequently used to prepare the skin for surgery

Question: What is good to use on an allergic rash from betadine? I had surgery last week and I have a huge itchy, red, patchy rash all over my abdomen from either the betadine or the adhesive from the tape. I've tried taking benadryl pills & using benadryl cream, cortizone, and an RX Ketonal and nothing is working. I'm ready to jump out of my skin the itch is so! The rash is so bad it looks like psoriasas!

Answer: you need to call your doctor and get a stronger itch cream. They make higher doses of hydrocortisone cream, but they are prescription. I'd also have the doctor take a look at the rash if you can get in to see him.


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I always add Betadine (povidone-iodine) to the mix just in case the abscess blows while it is in the water. The Betadine will kill the bacteria as they are released into the water. Depending on how deep the abscess is, it could take a while. I also use ...

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For example, there are so many misconceptions out there about when and how often to use hydrogen peroxide, betadine, rubbing alcohol and other antiseptics. At the ETMC Wound Healing Center, we see so many well-intentioned patients who overuse ...

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If not serious, wash the cut with water and apply a Betadine solution. Do not close a puncture wound, as this could cause more serious infection. It's better to keep a puncture wound open, covered with a gauze square, until you can get to your vet. Pad ...

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It has been two days since Hina Kaul heard her brother's voice. As the news of flood spread, her brother Ishfaque Kaul, tried to get in touch with his parents in Kashmir Valley for two days, and then caught a flight to Srinagar armed with medicines ...

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What worked real good for him (besides good feed with minerals & vitamins) was a daily washing routine with a Betadine Solution. You can buy a bottle at a pharmacy for less then a pet shop and it's the same. Make sure to use a double dose (60ml ...


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?If there is any active bleeding, apply a sterile dressing over the wound, clean the wound with a wound steriliser (savlon, or diluted betadine which can be bought at a pharmacy) or simply with tap water.? Also here, wrongful substances are often ...

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