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An antispetic used to skill bacteria in the surgical site. Frequently used to prepare the skin for surgery

Question: What is good to use on an allergic rash from betadine? I had surgery last week and I have a huge itchy, red, patchy rash all over my abdomen from either the betadine or the adhesive from the tape. I've tried taking benadryl pills & using benadryl cream, cortizone, and an RX Ketonal and nothing is working. I'm ready to jump out of my skin the itch is so! The rash is so bad it looks like psoriasas!

Answer: you need to call your doctor and get a stronger itch cream. They make higher doses of hydrocortisone cream, but they are prescription. I'd also have the doctor take a look at the rash if you can get in to see him.


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Povidone-iodine (PVPI), more frequently popular by its main brand name, Betadine, is a chemical complex that is used to treat as well as prevent infection in wounds. You can also use it for to treat skin infections, and an effective bactericide as well ...

ASU students raise money for medical supplies in Fijian coastal village

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The money will be spent buying medical supplies, including crutches, wheelchairs, bedpans, bandages, betadine and burn cream, as well as other necessities like reusable diapers and rugby balls for village children. ?I'm really excited for what (the ...

Using Betadine Antiseptic to Kill Mesothelioma Tumor Cells
Early laboratory work done at the Second University of Naples has shown that Betadine brand iodine-based antiseptic, which has been used by doctors as a presurgery hand cleaner for decades, can suppress and destroy mesothelioma tumor cells. A study ...

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I learned to recognize rain rot, how to apply betadine and that working with an animal and learning their nature is much better than forcing your will on them. I never gave much thought at the time of how those early years would pattern my adult life ...


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Project SAVE (Salvage All Valuable Equipment) also collects and sends supplies, everything from band aides to IV poles. Hospitals used to buy Betadine surgical scrub in gallon jugs. Now, according to Walker they are required to buy the antiseptic in 5 ...

NSW health warns of lyssavirus risk as bat birthing season begins

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?If someone is bitten or scratched by any type of bat they should thoroughly clean the wound for at least five minutes with soap and water as soon as possible, apply an antiseptic such as Betadine and seek urgent medical advice. ?They may require a ...

Best interests of whom?

Additionally the astronauts were scrubbed down with a sodium hypochlorite solution and the Command Module was wiped with Betadine to remove any lunar dust that might be present. The raft containing decontamination materials was intentionally sunk.

Times of India

'Honey heals wounds faster than betadine'
Times of India

India takes action on spurious and sub-standard drugs

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The ASSOCHAM analysis has said that popular medicines like Crocin (acetaminophen or paracetamol), Voveran (diclofenac sodium enteric coated tablets), Betadine (povidone iodine), and injections of calcium and syrups like Cosavil (paracetamol, ...