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An antispetic used to skill bacteria in the surgical site. Frequently used to prepare the skin for surgery

Question: What is good to use on an allergic rash from betadine? I had surgery last week and I have a huge itchy, red, patchy rash all over my abdomen from either the betadine or the adhesive from the tape. I've tried taking benadryl pills & using benadryl cream, cortizone, and an RX Ketonal and nothing is working. I'm ready to jump out of my skin the itch is so! The rash is so bad it looks like psoriasas!

Answer: you need to call your doctor and get a stronger itch cream. They make higher doses of hydrocortisone cream, but they are prescription. I'd also have the doctor take a look at the rash if you can get in to see him.


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For those who like to fish in Gulf waters, Grimes advises them to prevent the ever-present risk of Vibrio skin infections by keeping hydrogen perioxide and Betadine in their tackle boxes. ?Hydrogen peroxide is not an antiseptic, but when you pour it on ...

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Bandage material, including roll cotton and an ace bandage, triple antibiotic ointment, Benadryl (for bee stings), Pepcid (for vomiting), Imodium (for diarrhea), a thermometer, hydrogen peroxide, tweezers (for removing ticks), an ice pack, Betadine ...

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Use Betadine dry powder antiseptic spray on the penis to help guard against infection. Use appropriate surgical tape when sticking the gauze bandages. The bandage and tape should be firm but not tight. A little room for movement can be advantageous.

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When it did, I was to lance it, flush it with Betadine and keep him on the penicillin. Hopper's travelling foxtail did, in fact, abscess twice more, in a different spot each time, and I was able to follow their directions, lancing and flushing it ...

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Don't use peroxide or betadine as these chemicals could potentially injure exposed wound tissue. Place antibiotic salve on the wound and cover with a bandage. This will offer better protection from infection. If the tissue around the wound turns white ...

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... ml SOLUZIONI GLUCOSATE in sacca 500 ml qualsiasi percentuale La scadenza dei medicinali dovr essere a partire da Ottobre 2015. Si raccoglie inoltre: BETADINE CHIRURGICO ACQUA OSSIGENATA GARZE STERILI AGHI CANNULA BUTTERFLY.