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An antispetic used to skill bacteria in the surgical site. Frequently used to prepare the skin for surgery

Question: What is good to use on an allergic rash from betadine? I had surgery last week and I have a huge itchy, red, patchy rash all over my abdomen from either the betadine or the adhesive from the tape. I've tried taking benadryl pills & using benadryl cream, cortizone, and an RX Ketonal and nothing is working. I'm ready to jump out of my skin the itch is so! The rash is so bad it looks like psoriasas!

Answer: you need to call your doctor and get a stronger itch cream. They make higher doses of hydrocortisone cream, but they are prescription. I'd also have the doctor take a look at the rash if you can get in to see him.


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The employee of the Travel Lodge on Park West Drive said a man rented room 317 on Oct. 10. When the man checked out, employees found he'd poured betadine on the two-day-old carpet and left a strange note. The note read, ?the betadine disaster room.?.

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... include fever and pain or tingling at the site of the animal bite. * If you're bitten or scratched by any type of bat you should clean the wound for at least five minutes with soap and water, apply an antiseptic such as Betadine and seek urgent ...

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He said the dog had been limping since the incident and was being treated by the owner with Betadine. He said Zapanta decided not to file a complaint for violation of the Animal Welfare Law against Harold, and even paid for the suspect's fine of P500 ...

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?Coke's hashtag-driven campaign, Wonda's talking, smelling, 3D print ads, Dutch Lady's sahur-for-children custom content channel, Betadine's YouTube-only comedy act ? these exemplify all the new and different ways people are consuming brands today,? ...

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Ebenfalls zur Ausrstung gehrt ein gut geschliffenes Klauenmesser, ein Winkelschleifer mit gutem Griff, eine Schutzbrille, Betadine, Klauensalben, ein F1-Stecker, Verbandsmaterial fr die Kuh und fr den Menschen (man weiss ja nie) und noch eine ...