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Azelaic Acid

A topical medication, also known as Azelex, commonly used to treate acne and to lighten dark spots on the skin

Question: How to use tretinoin and azelaic acid? Currently, i started use tretinoin and azelaic acid on a daily basis. Once on night(tretinoin) and once on morning(azelaic). But i am not SURE HOW TO USE THEM BOTH. Which one should use FIRST..Which one should use night? Pls help me...

Answer: I can give you the general guidelines, but you should consult your doctor since you are using both of these topical medications. Tretinoin is typically applied once daily in the evening. Wash your face with a mild soap or soap-less cleanser (avoid harsh products that make your skin very dry) and gently pat it dry, wait about 20 minutes, then apply the cream as directed. You only need a little less than a dime sized amount of cream per application. Avoid your eyes, nostrils, mouth, and all mucus membranes. Avoid sunlight and always use a high-SPF sunscreen. Typically you aren't supposed to use other skin products that can cause irritation, so contact your doctor if you are concerned. Azelaic acid is applied as directed - so only use it once daily since your doctor prescribed it that way. Wash the area affected with a mild soap or soap-less cleanser, and gently pat dry before applying. Don't use cleansers containing alcohol, abrasives, or astringents. Apply medication at the same time each day. Avoid your eyes, nostrils, mouth, and all mucus membranes. (It is often advised to avoid eating very spicy foods or hot drinks to avoid facial flushing.) Wash your hands after using both of these products to avoid contact with your eyes, tongue, mouth, genital area, etc. Do not apply these medications to wounded areas, such as sunburn, burns, scratches or abrasions. To answer your question of time, since the tretinoin is usually applied in the evening/night, the azelaic acid should be used in the morning. A good idea would be to use them as far apart as possible (which would be 12 hours), so for instance if you apply the tretinoin at 8 pm, you could apply the azelaic acid at 8 am. I strongly suggest you talk with your doctor or your doctor's nurse for clarification on your questions. IF YOU BELIEVE YOU ARE EXPERIENCING SEVERE SIDE EFFECTS RELATED TO THESE MEDICATIONS, CEASE USE AND CONTACT YOUR DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY. ***THIS ADVICE IS NOT INTENDED TO REPLACE YOUR DOCTOR'S INSTRUCTIONS, RECOMMENDATIONS, OR ADVICE IN ANY WAY.***


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