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Loss of sensation in the body induced by an anesthetic

Question: anesthesia? ? I am going to have my wisdom teeth pulled out this friday and I heard that some people die from a reaction to the anesthesia. My grandma and grandpa had anesthesia before and nothing happened. But when it comes to nervous occasions like this, I usually breath faster and freak out and do you think I will have a reaction to the anesthesia?

Answer: Dont freak out, its okay. They have stuff to bring you back if you have a reaction. They will monitor your blood pressure and heart rate while your under too to make sure your okay. Its not as scary as you think just sounds scary. Its like a really deep nap. Good luck, I had my wisdom teeth dug out and pulled too, I got put under and so gald I was. Take care~


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Surgeons often are forced to operate in the dark. And when the power goes out, so does the anesthesia machine, which means patients can wake up in the middle of surgery. But at Johns Hopkins Medical Center in Baltimore, doctors are working on a ...

Study Offers New Clue into How Anesthesia Works

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Anesthesia, long considered a blessing to patients and surgeons, has been a mystery for much of its 160-plus-year history in the operating room. No one could figure out how these drugs interact with the brain to block pain and induce a coma-like, ...

Anesthesia Risks To Infants Studied

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Experiments in developing animals, including primates, have shown that general anesthetic agents can be toxic to the developing brain, with long-lasting neurocognitive or behavioral deficits. For this reason, a recent research project sought to ...

Regional Better Than General Anesthesia in Study of Post-Op M&M

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New Orleans?Patients undergoing elective surgery may fare better if they receive regional anesthesia (RA) instead of general anesthesia (GA), according to researchers at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, in Nashville, Tenn. The study, presented at ...

Purchasing Insight: Anesthesia delivery systems

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In today's anesthesia machine market, the high-acuity/top-tier systems have become the fastest growing segment. This spot was once held by the mid-acuity systems, which were often the ?go-to? machines for the majority of U.S. hospitals. At that time.