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Loss of sensation in the body induced by an anesthetic

Question: anesthesia? ? I am going to have my wisdom teeth pulled out this friday and I heard that some people die from a reaction to the anesthesia. My grandma and grandpa had anesthesia before and nothing happened. But when it comes to nervous occasions like this, I usually breath faster and freak out and do you think I will have a reaction to the anesthesia?

Answer: Dont freak out, its okay. They have stuff to bring you back if you have a reaction. They will monitor your blood pressure and heart rate while your under too to make sure your okay. Its not as scary as you think just sounds scary. Its like a really deep nap. Good luck, I had my wisdom teeth dug out and pulled too, I got put under and so gald I was. Take care~


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However, the huge number of battlefield injuries and the other horrors of the war played a major role in establishing the regular use of anesthesia in the United States, in part because of the experience gained with it during the conflict by the ...

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General anaesthetics may extinguish consciousness through mysterious quantum biological effects that cause subtle changes in the electronic state of proteins, rather than through 'conventional' pharmacological mechanisms such as directly interfering ...

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Bob Dick recently toughed his way through a 90-minute total knee replacement without the aid of anesthesia, choosing to stay awake through the chisel and the buzz of the electric saw. When he reached Duke University Hospital, in Durham, N.C., he ...

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San Francisco?When disaster strikes the aviation industry, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB)?an independent federal agency?is there to investigate the accident and disseminate subsequent recommendations. Is there room for such an ...

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With more patients receiving anesthesia during colonoscopies - rather than light or moderate conscious sedation - the expense of using the drug propofol by a credentialed anesthetist or anesthesiologist has come into question. In the spring, Highmark ...

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Virginia Nelson, MD, DABA has been appointed chief of anesthesia at the Syracuse VA Medical Center. She joined the medical center in 2012 as a staff anesthesiologist. Nelson is a diplomat of the American Board of Anesthesia, and the National Board of ...