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Loss of sensation in the body induced by an anesthetic

Question: anesthesia? ? I am going to have my wisdom teeth pulled out this friday and I heard that some people die from a reaction to the anesthesia. My grandma and grandpa had anesthesia before and nothing happened. But when it comes to nervous occasions like this, I usually breath faster and freak out and do you think I will have a reaction to the anesthesia?

Answer: Dont freak out, its okay. They have stuff to bring you back if you have a reaction. They will monitor your blood pressure and heart rate while your under too to make sure your okay. Its not as scary as you think just sounds scary. Its like a really deep nap. Good luck, I had my wisdom teeth dug out and pulled too, I got put under and so gald I was. Take care~


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The researchers evaluated their anesthetic technique in 97 patients participating in a study of robot-assisted surgery for severe sleep apnea. Visualizing the site of the obstruction in the upper airway is an important part of planning for apnea ...

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Former President George W. Bush, 68, recently had knee surgery. As an anesthesiologist, I am a doctor that specializes in putting patients to sleep for surgical procedures. Naturally, I was curious as to what type of anesthesia he received.

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EurekAlert (press release)
Stimulating one of two dopamine-producing regions in the brain was able to arouse animals receiving general anesthesia with either isoflurane or propofol. In the August issue of Anesthesiology, investigators from Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) ...

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General anesthesia is frequently used during this kind of surgery. Although it's much less risky than it used to be, post-anesthesia cognitive problems remain a concern, particularly for the elderly. These days many surgeons and anesthesiologists favor ...

The Many Disturbing "Awareness During Anesthesia" Studies

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, doctors began wondering if people ever became aware while under anesthesia. They started doing post-operative interviews to find out. Then they took it one step further, and tested whether people could learn under ...


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Anesthesia school faculty help on medical missions

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Three Middle Tennessee School of Anesthesia employees and Sumner County residents recently used their skills to help impoverished residents in a number of countries. School President Ken Schwab said mission trips are invaluable, life-changing ...