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A scraping away of a portion of the surface (as in dermabrasion of the skin)

Question: What is as abrasion resistant and aerodynamic as a leather suit? I'm getting a cbr600 and I want the abrasion protection as well as the aerodynamic qualities of a leather suit without buying leather. What is the vegan equivalent of leather? I know there is those kevlar jackets but they don't look very aerodynamic. Thanks.

Answer: The only thing I can think of is Keprotec. You will find it on leather suits in the inner thigh. As for making a whole suit, I really dont know who does. You could contact Knox. Based in the UK, they use it a lot.


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THE EYES DON'T HAVE IT Eye abrasion sidelines Cahill

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THE EYES DON'T HAVE IT Eye abrasion sidelines Cahill. HARRISON, N.J. -- There was plenty of irony in the Red Buls' 1-1 draw with the San Jose Earthquakes Saturday. In a game in which Tim Cahill did not exactly see eye-to-eye with referee Jose Carlos ...

Policeman was injured in Inverness pub brawl

Aberdeen Press and Journal
?As he was being placed in the van which has an inner door, he kicked out and the door struck the police sergeant on the wrist, causing an abrasion and swelling. He was taken to hospital where no fracture was found.? Defence solicitor advocate Shahid ...


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Rust-Oleum's NeverWet repels water? and mud!

Reno County DA describes courtoom attack

I had an abrasion on my forehead, a few knots and bumps." Schroeder said he hopes the lengthy sentence that Sherman received will send a message to anyone that attacking someone in a courtroom is not a good idea. Sherman's 21 year sentence for the ...


Mars rover Opportunity breaks the off-world driving record
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Dow Corning's TPSiV Elastomers Proven Safe for Skin Contact Applications
A unique hybrid of Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) and crosslinked silicone rubber, TPSiV materials combine the durability, abrasion resistance and overmolding options of TPUs, with the softness and resistance to ultraviolet light and chemicals ...

Automotive plastics market revenues forecast to double by end of 2017 in India
The properties of plastics such as easy mouldability, recyclability, scratch resistance, high volume to weight resistance, thermal stability, impact strength, and resistance to abrasion makes them suitable for use in automobiles and as it has many ...

BMW M235i Coupe stars in 'drift mob show' in Cape Town [videos]
They directed a team of drivers that transformed every press of the accelerator, every movement of the brake pedal and the slightest change in steering angle into a perfect choreography of tail swings, rubber abrasion and ?smoke signals? from the tyres.