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A scraping away of a portion of the surface (as in dermabrasion of the skin)

Question: What is as abrasion resistant and aerodynamic as a leather suit? I'm getting a cbr600 and I want the abrasion protection as well as the aerodynamic qualities of a leather suit without buying leather. What is the vegan equivalent of leather? I know there is those kevlar jackets but they don't look very aerodynamic. Thanks.

Answer: The only thing I can think of is Keprotec. You will find it on leather suits in the inner thigh. As for making a whole suit, I really dont know who does. You could contact Knox. Based in the UK, they use it a lot.


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Summers Duracoat blades are available for the Supercoulter and CoulterChisel products and extend service life by up to five times longer than standard blade options. Devils Lake, ND (PRWEB) - Summers Manufacturing now offers Duracoat blade options ...

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"Basically there are companies out there who looked at our technology in the past, and are now selling jeans manufactured with the laser abrasion processes. We're asking the ITC to provide us protection." If the ITC agrees that imports have violated ...

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Strings don't move much on impact, creating more spin and abrasion. Then there is natural gut (made from cattle intestines), which only loses five percent of its tension over night. It's soft and lively. And then there is synthetic gut. It's like ...

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In this scene, Curiosity appears to be concentrating hard on a rock of interest -- dubbed "Windjana" by mission scientists after a gorge in Western Australia -- that it has cleaned with its robotic arm-mounted Dust Abrasion Tool. A grey circular patch ...

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The doctor also noted "older bruising on the (child's) forehead, eyes and cheeks, fingerprint bruising on the chest and abdomen, bruising on the scrotum, and an abrasion on the shaft of the penis," according to the complaint. The boy has "intracranial ...

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The affidavit stated that the woman didn't have any visible injuries other than a small abrasion under her right eye. In addition, the affidavit stated Ryter lived at the residence, and there was no previous history of Ryter assaulting Gagnon's mother ...

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Rabies baiting starts Aug. 20

The bait is not harmful to people, pets or livestock but people with eczema and immuno-suppressed conditions may be prone to a local infection if the red liquid portion of the bait gets into a wound or an abrasion. Call the Ohio Department of Health ...

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