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A scraping away of a portion of the surface (as in dermabrasion of the skin)

Question: What is as abrasion resistant and aerodynamic as a leather suit? I'm getting a cbr600 and I want the abrasion protection as well as the aerodynamic qualities of a leather suit without buying leather. What is the vegan equivalent of leather? I know there is those kevlar jackets but they don't look very aerodynamic. Thanks.

Answer: The only thing I can think of is Keprotec. You will find it on leather suits in the inner thigh. As for making a whole suit, I really dont know who does. You could contact Knox. Based in the UK, they use it a lot.


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Who can be surprised at pictures showing that the ?injuries? Wilson sustained in his scuffle with Brown, injuries that supposedly made him so terrified for his life that he had to shoot, amount to a small abrasion on his lip and a reddened cheek? I'm ...

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These coils are made from high-strength, abrasion-resistant steel that is embedded in natural rubber for durability, allowing the device to resist temperatures as low as -41 degrees F. The Pro set is also lightweight (between 6 and 8 ounces, depending ...


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Padded forearm guards cushion against impact and abrasion. Streamlined design of flexible padded inserts in stretch cotton terry conform to forearm ? and never interfere with workout. Still not sure why these things weren't invented at the same time ...

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Such drugs fuel sex binges, enabling people to have sex for longer, risking trauma and abrasion, and with a greater number of partners. Both increase the risk of transmission. The internet makes it easier to meet casual partners. David Stuart of 56 ...

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THE results of free-for-all gun buying in the United States are there for everybody to see in day-by-day street disturbances and social abrasion. In its obvious quest to lead the world, the US State Department displays a total inability to direct its ...